The My Brand in Public Ad Group Designs New Ad Campaign For Major Ag Firm

The My Brand in Public Ad Group is a consortium that advertising agencies can turn to when buying all kinds of media. When one of the agencies we represent developed Precision Farming Solutions ( as a client and sought to promote their business, we enjoyed the challenge.

The accumulative purchasing power of The My Brand in Public Ad Group and the close attention we pay to keeping tabs on media fire sales can often save any given agency up to fifty percent on their purchase costs for TV, radio, print, Internet banner ads and the like.

The My Brand in Public Ad Group has a policy where we make use of the accumulative power of our collective member agencies in the form of a brain trust.

Before we finalize any given ad campaign, we invite our member to make cogent suggestions and contributions to the content. By choosing the best possible ad and achieving a winning campaign, all participants benefit.

We asked five of our member agencies to submit ideas how to best promote and came up with some interesting results.

Five Agencies, Five Creative Minds

 Anybody who visits immediately sees that they are leaders in Indiana and beyond when it comes to providing state-of-the-art Ag consultation and Ag reinforcement for both big industry and smaller farmers alike.

Each of the areas of expertise you will see at are strong, science-based solutions, each of which could be the basis for an advertising campaign.

So it might come as no surprise that the five agencies all selected different points of departure for the ad campaign.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is a tried and true methodology whereby you can discover if your land has the capability of supporting the crops you intent to plant, grow and harvest.

Different crops have different demands. The pros at know all about this process, including the proper methods of collecting the samples and then performing the appropriate qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Some types of land might have variations in the soil content over the course of the acreage. Yet, others may even show hidden contamination from by-gone industry of the past inhabitants of that land.

All these factors must be taken into account if you expect to receive a proper yield at harvest time.

Irrigation and Drainage

 Another mainstay of engineering a good crop yield is to properly manage the water supply. Too much water can be worse than not enough, so the careful distribution over the entire course of the land is critical.

Thus, another big touch point among our ad designers was to get the message out about how provides some of the best analysis of irrigation and drainage in the world.

While many farmers tend to rotate through a variety of crops in their fields and each particular species can have different water requirements, it is most often that observing the vitality of the plant provides the first indication of how well your watering process is going.

Fortunately, at you will see how they can provide you a heads-up on the water conditions before they result in plants of poor vitality and consequently, a failed crop.

Soil Supplementation

 Wheat, corn, soybeans . . . whatever the crop, they all have specific demands for minerals. You can’t know for sure if your soil will support any given crop without the aforementioned soil testing and if it the results indicate an insufficiency, it needs to be corrected.

After you contact you will see that they keep the products on-hand that you need to make your soil right: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus.

In nature, these and other elements compete with each other in biologic reactions that govern the growth characteristics of your crops, and knowing exactly what and how much to add of a particular supplement can make all the difference in the world on your outcome.

Soil Preparation

Tilling the soil, providing the optimal degree of agitation and to the proper depth all has bearing on root growth, achieving the proper hydration of the plant and other factors.

The good folks at will provide you with expert recommendations on exactly what equipment makes the most sense for you to be using, and their advice is always given within the boundaries of how big a job you have ahead of you and what kind of budget makes the most sense for your given task.

Because Precision Farming Solutions already has a robust client base, they can calculate what kind of potential investments in machinery have historically performed well in the past and what is likely to give you the most bang for your buck!

Managing Pests

 After you’ve perfected your soil and water, you now must look out for pests of all varieties. Some will come in on four legs and eat the sprouting plants.

Others with six legs will walk or fly in to invade and eat your crops. Yet others can be molds, bacteria or viruses.

Finally, you might not immediately think of weeds as a pest but they are as they grow and compete for the same real estate as your crop and steal the resources you have provided.

At you will receive the professional advice you need to manage all of these threats in a manner that conserves the use of insecticides and herbicides and maxes out the use of best farming practices to help your crops flourish!

How Do They Do It?

 Precision Farming Solutions ( uses the most advanced techniques to quickly evaluate your land from one acre to a thousand acres!

Their GPS-guided drones provide aerial surveillance and can identify irrigation and drainage issues from the air in mere minutes, even on large acreages.

The same aerial views tell them where to look more closely at ground level to check variations in the soil content and soil aeration. Even the presence of certain pests and weeds can be identified from the air by the morphologic and spectral variations they exhibit.

By using science, makes perfect Ag look easy. It’s fast, precision management and the rapid speed ends up saving money.

Which Campaign Did We Decide On?

The assorted ideas from our contributors were all so good we decided to incorporate them all into a long-form presentation about Precision Farming Solutions.

We used our local Indiana crew and are currently gathering the footage to make a 30- minute show featuring all the great things they do at and let folks find out about it for themselves on the Internet.

We have a great company to represent. Farmers should also remember that preparing for winter is another factor that should be considered and the advice you can find at is something that you can take to the bank!

ABOUT: The My Brand in Public Ad Group

The My Brand in Public Ad Group was formed in 2002 with the idea that by grouping a number of agencies together would get the ability to gain more purchasing power by buying media in bulk and reaping the considerable discounts. As our consortium as evolved, our representative agencies have come into a mode of operation that is more cooperative than competitive and operates in a enlightened spirit that recognizes a principle that the rising tide lifts all boats. The advent of the successful creation of a new media campaign for is evidence of how far we have come in creating winning, collaborative efforts on behalf of our clients and their clients.