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Advantages and Disadvantages of Holding Online Meetings

Online Meetings Advantages and Disadvantages of Holding Online MeetingsWhen running a business, you will certainly hold and attend meetings often, to discuss many things that are related to your business activities. By the way, what kind of meeting do you prefer? Do you prefer offline meetings all the time? If you do, how about trying to hold an online one every now and then to leave the offline meeting only if absolutely necessary?

Below are both the advantages and disadvantages of holding an online meeting:

The main benefit of holding an online meeting is certainly to save time and money. Why? When holding an online meeting you don’t need to waste time to travel to the meeting venue, like you always do with an offline meeting. Here, either you’re person that holds the meeting or is invited to participate in the meeting; certainly you get this benefit, right? If you’re the organizer (inviting others to attend the meeting), having an online meeting saves money on the venue rental cost (if you can’t hold the meeting in your own office). You also save money on the meal as well, right?
In addition, the online meeting offers comfort. You can do it at your own office or even at home (if you work from home). Just have your laptop, microphone, or even just a smartphone and then make sure that the internet connection is fast to be able to hold or join the entire meeting well. As long as you don’t hold video conferencing, you don’t need to dress neatly; technically speaking, you could join the meeting in your pyjamas!

The main disadvantage of holding an online or virtual meeting is that the meeting participants will have less attention to the meeting. Unlike holding an offline meeting, the meeting leader can’t tell if they are paying attention or yawning, because they are only connected using a smartphone, etc. This means the material being delivered may not be as clear as in an offline meeting so it might make the time needed to make a decision longer. Besides this, there might be a lack of communication due to slow internet connection. In other words, the communication may not be as clear as when you’re meeting in person.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of holding an online meeting. Are you interested in holding an online meeting? If you are, you can trust everything related to conference calls, video and web conferencing, conference calls unlimited, etc. to Zip Conferencing. Have a look at the products here to know more about Zip Conferencing. A lot of the technical disadvantages that might be of concern are not obstacles or issues when you deal with Zip Conferencing. They make the experience a positive one!

    • Michael Clark
    • June 11th, 2013

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