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Common Heating Services

heating system maintenance Common Heating ServicesHeating is a part of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that becomes a primary need in almost every building, both residential houses and commercial buildings. No wonder why more and more people start an HVAC business or open a heating company these days. For example is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Well, if you’re also about to start your business in this industry, you need to consider some common heating services below:

Heating installation

Heating installation Phoenix is a very crucial service every heating company should offer. New homeowners absolutely need to install central heating system and so do new businessmen in their office spaces. In general, heating company charges $5,000 for each installation (depending on building size and clients’ need).

Heating replacement

When it comes to heating services, there should be replacement service too because property owners surely will find problems on their old furnace, air filter, thermostat, and other parts of heating system after long usage. Moreover, their heater is probably not working properly or giving no heat at all. Heating company should be ready to repair and replace the damaged and old parts to the new ones for optimal uses.

Annual maintenance

Most property owners feel troublesome to look for new heating service providers over and over again. Thus, it’s better for them to make a contract with only one provider and schedule the team to do annual maintenance, such as: checking and replacing heating parts, troubleshooting problems, and others. Besides, annual maintenance aims to prevent heating problems as well.

Energy-efficient heating solution

In Phoenix, homeowners are often concerned by their heating use because it can increase their electric bill significantly. Therefore, they obviously need an energy-efficient solution in using heater. Heating company should be able to help homeowners with this problem. They start it by assessing energy use in the building, estimating the cost, and doing improvement to make clients’ house as energy-efficient as possible.

Duct cleaning

Last but not least, a heating company commonly offers a duct cleaning service as well. It is a kind of heating service to get rid of rodent, mold, dirt, and dust in the duct. DIY duct cleaning is pretty bothersome for homeowners, moreover it requires special tools. Thus, the only solution is hiring professionals.

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